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2023 Rental Agreement

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Vacation Rental Agreement

This agreement is between Maine Seaside Rentals (MSR), acting as Owner's Agent and (ENTER GUEST NAME), the GUEST.

Description of Property, Rental Term and Occupancy

MSR agrees to rent to GUEST the property known as (ENTER PROPERTY NAME) located at (ENTER PROPERTY ADDRESS).

The rental term shall begin at 2:00pm, (ENTER START DATE) and shall end at 10:00am, (ENTER END DATE).

The maximum number of persons occupying the premises under this agreement is (ENTER MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY). Should the group exceed this number of people, they may be required to vacate the property without refund. No sleeping tents, trailers or RV’s are permitted on the premises. No event structures of any kind or parties or events are permitted on the property.

Linens and towels are NOT provided unless stated otherwise on our website in the features section of the property details.


Keys to the premises will be available after 2:00 pm the day the rental term begins (unless prior arrangements have been made). All fees and payments must be received by MSR prior to release of keys.

Payment and Payment Schedule

Guest shall pay $(ENTER BASE RENTAL RATE) plus a non-refundable service fee of $(ENTER SERVICE FEE), plus the cleaning fee of $(ENTER CLEANING FEE), plus Maine lodging tax of $(ENTER LODGING TAX) for a total of $(ENTER TOTAL). The payment schedule shall be as follows: 

  1. Reservation Deposit: $(ENTER DEPOSIT AMOUNT) is due at the time of booking. This amount is equal to 50% of the rental rate plus the $(ENTER SERVICE FEE) service fee.
  2. Final Payment: $(ENTER FINAL PAYMENT AMOUNT) is due 30 days prior to your arrival. This is the remainder of the rental rate plus the cleaning fee, plus Maine’s 9% lodging tax. An invoice and travel information will be sent six weeks prior to your arrival date.
  3. Last minute rentals: Reservations made within 30 days of arrival require full payment.
  4. Method of payment: Payments may be made by credit card or check.
  5. Make all checks payable to Maine Seaside Rentals and mail to PO Box 183, Biddeford Pool, ME 04006. All payments must be made in US FUNDS.


All cancellations must be made in writing. In the event of a cancellation, the GUEST will forfeit the Service Fee and all monies paid, except:

  1. MSR will refund any taxes.
  2. If MSR is able to re-rent the premises for the same time period and for the same amount specified in the agreement, then MSR will refund the rental portion of monies paid. MSR will make every attempt to re-rent the premises but makes no guarantees. GUEST must notify MSR as soon as possible by telephone or e-mail to maximize re-rental opportunities. Telephone notifications must be confirmed either by e-mail or in writing by GUEST within 24 hours of initial cancellation.

Property Obligations

The property will be delivered furnished, professionally cleaned and with systems in working condition. GUEST will notify MSR if premises are not in satisfactory condition upon arrival.

GUEST’s Obligations

Guest shall use the rental premises for residential purposes only and agrees to keep the premises in as good repair and condition as found. Guest agrees to vacate the premises at the end of the rental term and return the key to the offices of MSR, or other agreed upon location. GUEST is responsible for any lost or damaged property, for any long distance calls and for any extraordinary cleaning required to return the premises to the condition they were in prior to occupancy. GUEST agrees to permit MSR to enter the premises to perform necessary repairs and/or maintenance, or to show prospective buyers (when applicable), if notified 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, GUEST may enjoy the premises without interruption during the rental period, provided the GUEST is in compliance with GUESTS’s obligations.

Day of Departure

Check out time is 10 a.m. and there are no exceptions. The cleaning staff has a short window of time to prepare the property for the next guest. Parking cars in the driveway of the property after 10 a.m. can interfere with our cleaners and inspectors. Here’s a list of what’s expected of you at check-out time:

  • Wash and properly put away dishes.
  • Remove leftovers and other food items from the refrigerator
  • Take all trash out to the trash cans
  • Any household linens or kitchen towels used must be washed and dried.

If any of these items are not completed upon departure an additional $50/hour cleaning fee will be charged to the GUEST.

Breach of Rental Agreement In the event GUEST fails to fulfill any of the covenants or obligations made or assumed by GUEST pursuant to this Rental Agreement MSR may, in its sole discretion, declare such failure a breach of GUEST’s obligations and covenants. Upon such breach, GUEST shall forfeit all monies paid and GUEST’s right to possession of the premises shall immediately terminate. In the event the GUEST is in actual possession at the time of such termination, GUEST agrees to vacate the premises upon request.


Pets are not allowed on the premises even as visitors. GUESTS who bring a pet or pets may be evicted from the property with no chance of a refund.


Smoking is prohibited on the premises.


GUEST shall not assign any rights under this Rental Agreement, nor sell or convey any interest in the premises, nor sublet the premises or any portion thereof without prior written consent of MSR. Any attempt to do so shall be a breach of this Rental Agreement.

Role of MSR

MSR makes every effort to fully and completely answer all questions asked by GUEST and to accurately represent and describe the rental property; however, it does not guarantee complete satisfaction and can only act as an intermediary between OWNER and GUEST should a conflict arise.


The GUEST will promptly notify MSR of any unsafe conditions at the Property, The GUEST shall indemnify and hold harmless the Property owner and MSR for any personal injury or property damage of GUEST or their guests arising out of or related to the use of the leased Property.

Credit Card Payment

GUEST agrees to the schedule of charges stated in the ‘Rent” paragraph above, and authorizes MSR to process charges according to that schedule against the credit card account provided when the reservation was made.


Any changes to the Rental Agreement must be agreed upon in writing.


This agreement is the whole agreement with the GUEST and MSR, on behalf of the Owner. No prior agreements or understandings exist between parties UNLESS they are set forth in the Rental Agreement.

This agreement may be modified ONLY by written amendment, signed by both parties. has read and agrees to the Rental Agreement for

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